Why Real Estate Investment is the Smart Way of Building Wealth

 Major Announcement from Mr. Bong Barrameda Gutierrez

Let us take a look at the key points why real estate investment is the smart way of building wealth.  Mr. Bong Barrameda Gutierrez is the founder and chief strategist of Bahay sa Pinas USA Inc. He had an insightful talk last April 26 at Work Lab Dream Tower. The event started with opening remarks from Mr. Jinggoy S. Noble, Terra Solutions Realty CEO followed by the Real Estate Investment talk of Mr. Gutierrez and finally the Project Presentation by Mr. Alex Batay, Terra Solutions Realty COO. Bahay sa Pinas in partnership with Terra Solutions Realty aims to provide quality and prime real estate investment opportunities in the Philippines.

Mr. Jinggoy Noble, Terra Solutions Realty CEO
From Left to Right: Mr. Alex Batay (Terra COO), Mr. Bong Gutierrez (BSP Founder), Mr. Jinggoy Noble (Terra CEO)

The Benefits of Real Estate Investment

Real estate has many advantages over other types of investments, especially in the Philippines. It is an appreciating asset, meaning its value will increase over time. Real estate investment is also low-risk and can provide steady income when done correctly. Furthermore, investing in real estate gives you more control over your investment.  This is because everything from the tenant selection to the maintenance of the property is in your hands. In the Philippines, Mr. Gutierrez discussed that we are one of the world’s top housing markets for price appreciation. It was also mentioned that a lot of foreign investors such as the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese are investing today in Philippines Real Estate due to the attractive returns. So why not let Filipinos reap the same benefits?

Mr. Bong Gutierrez, BSP Founder and Chief Strategist - Discussing the Project's Improvement
Kopya ng DSC_0759
Mr. Alex Batay, Terra Solutions Realty COO - Inviting all Guests to View the Model Units

Identifying the Right Property Investment Opportunities

The second part of the talk focused on how one can identify the right real estate investment opportunities. Mr. Gutierrez shared his expertise in identifying prime real estate properties that can generate good returns. He stressed the importance of assessing the location, security, architectural finishes, type of residence, and investment returns of a property. Good thing, Bahay sa Pinas helps in making this assessment a breeze for all clients.

Real Estate Investment Talk with Mr. Bong Gutierrez
Kopya ng DSC_0772
Bahay sa Pinas and Terra Solutions Realty Team

Mr. Gutierrez featured the relaunched Aspire Tower Condominium, situated right in the heart of Libis, Quezon City. This development has all the features of great property investment:

  • Upscale Residences – The condominium offers a variety of stylish residences, perfect for young professionals and growing families. Aspire Tower offers larger unit cuts compared to other neighboring condominiums in the area.
  • Ready for Occupancy Units – Units are readily available, and you can instantly move in upon initial payment and completion of necessary documents.
  • Finished with Imported Materials from Europe – Aspire Tower provides high-end finishes with all imported materials from Europe, thus ensuring quality and durability for the residents.
  • Strategic Location – Aspire Tower is just a few minutes away from shopping malls such as SNR and Eastwood Mall, hospitals, business districts, and schools. It also has easy access to major roads and expresses.
  • High-End Amenities – Aspire Tower also has amenities that include a grand lobby and reception area, lounge, gym, swimming pool, and green spaces.
  • Pet-Friendly Environment – Aspire Tower is also pet friendly, and provides a safe space for you and your beloved pets.

The Major Announcement: Aspire Tower Condominium as a Real Estate Investment

Mr. Gutierrez ended his talk with a major announcement that there will be renovations that will happen soon in Aspire Tower Condominium.

  • Improvement of Building Facade
  • Improvement of Interiors
  • Upgrading of Amenities
  • Improvement of Service Residence Mechanisms
  • Improvement of Commercial Occupancy
  • Additional Office Spaces

The biggest surprise, however, was when Mr. Gutierrez announced that aside from all the improvements and upgrades, Bahay sa Pinas is offering an introductory price for Aspire Tower that is a big reduction from its current market value. This offer is available only until May 3, making this an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. But wait, there’s more! You can sign up with Bahay sa Pinas and avail additional 5% discount! This is applicable to all Bahay sa Pinas projects and the best part is you can extend this discount to your relatives.  It is also a great advantage for buyers and investors since they can choose from several loan options if they purchase a unit in Aspire Tower.  They can choose from Cebuana Bank and Union Bank for Philippine Loan and PNB for US Loan. 

Terra Solutions Realty Team from Left to Right: Mr. Dexter Bangoy (Network Sales Manager), Ms. Abby Melegrito (Sales Admin Officer), Mr. Alex Batay (COO), Mr. Jinggoy Noble (CEO), and Ms. Lesley Reyes (Sales Director)
Representatives of Cebuana Bank

Event Finale

At the end of the day, Mr. Gutierrez’s talk on Real Estate Investment left us with a feeling of anticipation and excitement. The talk has also opened many eyes to the potential of real estate investment opportunities. With the right knowledge, resources, and of course experience, it will become easier and safer for us to start investing in real estate with a greater understanding of what kind of assets we should be looking for. As the potential for wealth creation expands before us, the one thing that is certain is that there is no time like today to get started. We are now equipped with the information we need to make informed decisions on our investments and start generating money through real estate investments. 

The major announcement we received at the end of this session was an eye-opening realization that Bahay sa Pinas and Terra Solutions Realty offer amazing Property Investment Opportunities and Benefits! Contact them today and reserve your unit now so you too can capitalize on real estate investment opportunities like never before! 

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